Join our Harvest Share for a weekly batch of seasonal, fresh vegetables.

Small-batch produce grown with care, in harmony with nature, and cultivated alongside a crew of really happy microbiology.

What began as a humble backyard garden has expanded into a desire to provide our community with the same beautiful harvests we look forward to each season. Our food is grown naturally without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO seeds.

Our weekly harvest shares include a mix of seasonally available fresh vegetables and herbs.

honey bee, starting seeds, rich soil
Ruth and Matt in the garden

Who we are

We are Roanoke, Virginia natives, software developers, and beginning farmers with a deeply rooted love for food, nature, and living simply. We grow everything by hand with the care and attention that we believe everyone's food deserves.

Where we grow

We're growing at the Catawba Sustainability Center’s Small Farm Incubator program in Catawba, Virginia. This beautiful space provides us with the opportunity to grow and learn alongside other farmers in the area.

Cherry tomatoes growing

Get our fresh veg

Each week you will receive a mixed harvest of the freshest vegetables and herbs available.

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Shares cost between $15 and $25 depending on the harvest size that week.


Your order can be picked up in Roanoke City at a designated time during the week. For a modest fee we are offering Roanoke City delivery one day per week.

Anticipated Harvest

Crop 🌱 First Harvest 🗓️
Buttercrunch Bibb Lettuce May
Rainbow Swiss Chard May
Beets May
Carrots May
Radishes May
Cucumbers June
Tomatoes June
Snap Beans June
Zucchini June
Scallop (Patty Pan) Squash June
Bunching Onions June
Mixed Herbs June
Sweet Peppers July
Hot Peppers July
Sweet Corn August
Petite Yellow Watermelons August
Pie Pumpkins September

Dates and availability may change due to the unpredictable forces of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reyer Market Garden Certified Organic?

We are not USDA Certified Organic because of the high cost and time-intensive commitment it requires. Small growers like us simply cannot afford this label. However, we grow the food we want to eat - without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO seeds. We follow sustainable, natural farming practices because we care about human and ecological well-being.

How do you handle food safety?

Each year we voluntarily complete GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)/Food Safety training to ensure that we understand and practice the latest recommendations for food safety.

Why can't I choose my vegetables?

We aren’t big enough to be able to handle custom orders. However, a fresh harvest mix each week provides the opportunity to explore new culinary treasures. We try to provide recipes on the blog that help you enjoy your harvest. Additionally, eating what the season has to offer is a great way to connect more deeply with nature and create balance in your life. If you have food-related sensitivities or allergies let us know ahead of time.

Is this a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program?

Our model is similar to a CSA, but instead of paying in full at the beginning of the season, you pay for the produce as you receive it each week and no up-front deposits or fees are required. This being our first season, we didn’t feel right asking for payment up front, but we are still committed to providing a full weekly share for every committed family.

Is a harvest share right for me?

This kind of offering is for people who value being connected to their food and supporting their community's farmers directly. If you don’t eat many vegetables, dislike cooking, or have strict dietary preferences, you will probably find the farmers markets more suitable.

Can I find you at any of the Farmers Markets?

At this time we are only offering harvest shares directly to interested families. We may explore joining a farmers market in the future.

portrait of Isaac the pup

Top Review

Five star rating

The Green Beans are the star of the garden, next to me of course.

“For my whole dog life (3 years so far) I have been enjoying the harvests of the garden. The green beans are my personal favorite and, seeing that I'm a very good boy, I enjoy quite a lot of them.”

- Isaac Reyer